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Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

Total Rehab Center Chronic Low Back Pain
Total Rehab Center Chronic Low Back Pain

Many people experience common low back pain that requires extensive treatment from Medical Doctors and Physical Therapists. Some patients even require surgery to treat their specific problem. Lisa Brock was one of those few….

After suffering from chronic low back pain for many years, Lisa had tried every option for treatment. She had been to several doctors, she tried physical therapy and nothing seemed to give her lasting results. Lisa was finally diagnosed with chronic degenerative Sacroiliitis. She received an injection into her SI joint and experience short term relief of symptoms. This gave doctors the answer they were looking for to direct treatment.

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion is a relatively new procedure for treatment of chronic degenerative SI joint pain. Lisa could tell immediately after surgery that her pain was different. She was sore and had discomfort from surgery, but her pain that was all too familiar was GONE!!!

Although Lisa had a great surgical outcome, she believes that a large part of her recovery was attributed to physical therapy following surgery. Lisa began physical therapy soon after surgery while she not allowed to put weight through her leg. She quickly learned proper use of a walker and then crutches. A specific strengthening protocol, agreed upon by surgeon and PT, was used to guide rehab after surgery. After a long recovery, Lisa is back to her normal self. She has returned to the life that she no longer knew because of pain. With a life that is pain free now, Lisa could not be more pleased with her outcome!

Complex and Atypical

Monica Mays was a very active, hard working, mother of two. As with many other people this winter she slipped and fell on the ice causing some significant injuries. Monica suffered a fracture of her tibia, one of the weight bearing bones in the leg, that required extensive surgery to repair. As Monica will tell you her road to recovery began with a rough start.

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Fountain of Youth

The number of individuals 65 years of age and over is estimated to be 70 million by 2030 and persons 55 years of age and over is estimated to be the fastest growing segment of the population. More and more of you are beginning to realize that getting older is inevitable. Many of you may be looking around for that so called fountain of youth to keep you looking and feeling younger and living longer. Although we all grow older at the same rate we do not age at the same rate. You have control over your aging process. One of the best tools of defense against the aging process is exercise/physical activity.

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Rehab After Surgery

Leland Mattson has lifted weights on a regular basis since 2008. He was no stranger to the gym since he was a high school football player and wrestler. As with many of us, his work schedule got in the way of a consistent exercise program. He quit smoking in 1991 and put on a few pounds. He gradually realized that he didn’t want to lose the ability to be active and that it was time to get serious about his exercise program. He was successful in gaining strength, staying fit and enjoyed both the exercise and the improved ability to enjoy one of his favorite past times, riding his Harley, a 2013 customized street bike.

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