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Performance Enhancement Program

Functional based strength programs not only help improve your game, but they reduce the risk of injury. Total Rehab Center offers a team strength package or individualized programs to focus on specific needs or goals.

Total Rehab Center Performance Enhancement Program

Devin Fothergill, Presbyterian College

“This program pushed me to reach a higher level physically and mentally to compete at the Division I level…I would recommend it to anyone looking to get better, faster, and stronger”

John Cole, Vanderbilt University

“Great diversified programs…I would come back to campus more explosive every year”

Taylor Gover, University of the Cumberlands

“This performance program was crucial in preparing me for what was to come in college. Not only did I see results with speed, quickness, vertical, and core, this program gave me confidence that I didn’t have in high school. A confidence that allows me to compete with the best of the best every night”

Dr. Patrick Jenkins, WKU

“I noticed a huge difference in my performance during my first season as a high school junior. I continued the program throughout my collegiate career and even do it today. It gives me an edge I cannot obtain through mileage or other workouts.”

Total Rehab Center Performance Enhancement Program

Team Program

This consists of 12 sessions over a 6 week period. This is for teams of 7 to 12 athletes. The cost is $10 per athlete per session. Each session is 1 hour.

There is an emphasis on proper technique and sports specific drills to raise your game. Each program will have a pretest to establish a baseline and a re-test at the end to show improvements gained. The programs are designed to improve strength, agility, and jumping. Core strength and plyometrics are foundational with our programs.

Individual Program

This consists of 12 sessions over a 4-6 week period. This is for 1-2 athletes in the same sport. The cost is $70 total per session.

The individual program offers a detailed assessment of strength and weaknesses. The program is customized to the athlete’s goals and any weaknesses found in the assessment. A final assessment is provided at the end.

Total Rehab Center Performance Enhancement Program